First Impressions: Ion Reconstructor 20oz

I tried this product for the first time on the weekend. As anyone who knows me, would know that I just got my hair coloured from medium to dark brown to bleach blonde! Actually I still have to go back on Thursday to get a little bit more work done. Obviously it would be fair to assume I have some damage and I will after Thursday, but I prepared myself! On my Friday’s Sallys run I came across a little gem for the damaged, broken and fizzy hair!

How it works:

Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it out.  Towel dry your hair. When hair is towel dried (keep a little bit damp), take 2 pumps of treatment (how much you use will depend on how much hair you have) and disperse through mid shaft of hair and focus extra on the ends. Wait 8-10 minutes and rinse out.


Ion Reconstructor repairs and restructures seriously damaged and stressed hair. After one use, hair will be stronger and more manageable. Increases elasticity and moisture, while guarding against further chemical, appliance and environmental damage.

My first application…

The first thing that I noticed when opening the bottle was, I couldn’t get the pump to work. Maybe it’s just me, but I am unsure if I picked up the one malfunctioning one. After struggling with the pump I just unscrewed the cap and pour some of the product out. The consistency of the product is a thick and milkly and yellow in colour. The smell was pleasant. Application of the product was easy! I threw it on from mid shaft and added a little extra to the ends. After I let it sit for about 10 minutes and washed it out…


I could feel the difference in my hair instantly! It felt softer and stronger.  The keratin (It is the key structural component of hair) has made my hair stronger with just one use and incredibly manageable!

This product is definitely something to check out if you need a little help! I can’t wait to use the treatment again!!

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Love lots!



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