L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick

Hey guys!

I really really love this lipstick! I have had a hard time finding something that would stay on my lips and not be a sticky mess! Yes, I am one of those people who usually can’t stand lip gloss on my lips (anything wet and I just want it off off off!), but these little gems go on creamy (a comfortable feel) and essentially “dry” on the lips to lock the colour on and to make them last for hours. I know the word “dry” is not one that most people want to hear in relation to their lips…It might “dry” on your lips but is definitely NOT drying. At least it is to a standard that I can appreciate! This line comes in 30 different shades, and I own 8 of them. I think they are great and inexpensive! The colours that I have are shown in the above graphics.

What does it claim?

To deliver bold, luscious colour that lasts all day long.

10 hours of vivid high def colour and shine

Hydrates Lips with vitamin E


Creamy and easy to apply. Dries slightly after a few minutes after application. Not drying enough to have to put lip-gloss over, but some will prefer to anyway.

Colour Payoff

Wonderful! Has such bold pigmentation for all 8 shades that I own.

Does it really stay on 10 hours??

No. I would not give it 10 hours on your lips, but your arm… yes. When I swatched the colours I tried a ton of methods to remove it and the stain did not come off for 2 days!! Because your lips are moist most of the time, it doesn’t allow the product to stay. Warning* anyone who has dry lips, you may have an issue with flaking by the end of wear.  One application will usually stay on my lips up to 5 hours.


I believe that they are usually $12 CAD, but I got most of mine on sale for $9 CAD at shopper’s drugmart! Whoo hoo!

All in all I think that this is a wonderful product. Besides that at some points it may be drying, I think they product is something everyone should try!  Swathes below!


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