Stila: Kitten Lip Glaze

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Stila?

It’s probably their signature colour; Kitten!

It’s had many forms over the years, but today I’m sharing the Kitten Lip Glaze with you. 🙂

The packaging is unique, you twist the bottom to bring colour up to the brush. It’s fairly sticky in texture, but that’s a plus since it stays on longer. It’s also got a pleasant smell!

It looks pretty dark in the tube, but it’s actually very wearable & neutral. The pretty shimmer shows up more than the colour. This is a nice gloss to wear on it’s own, or to layer over lipsticks.

Have a fab day! xo



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Forever 21 and H&M Haul!

Check out my new video about all the lovely things I’ve purchased!! Thanks!

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L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick

Hey guys!

I really really love this lipstick! I have had a hard time finding something that would stay on my lips and not be a sticky mess! Yes, I am one of those people who usually can’t stand lip gloss on my lips (anything wet and I just want it off off off!), but these little gems go on creamy (a comfortable feel) and essentially “dry” on the lips to lock the colour on and to make them last for hours. I know the word “dry” is not one that most people want to hear in relation to their lips…It might “dry” on your lips but is definitely NOT drying. At least it is to a standard that I can appreciate! This line comes in 30 different shades, and I own 8 of them. I think they are great and inexpensive! The colours that I have are shown in the above graphics.

What does it claim?

To deliver bold, luscious colour that lasts all day long.

10 hours of vivid high def colour and shine

Hydrates Lips with vitamin E


Creamy and easy to apply. Dries slightly after a few minutes after application. Not drying enough to have to put lip-gloss over, but some will prefer to anyway.

Colour Payoff

Wonderful! Has such bold pigmentation for all 8 shades that I own.

Does it really stay on 10 hours??

No. I would not give it 10 hours on your lips, but your arm… yes. When I swatched the colours I tried a ton of methods to remove it and the stain did not come off for 2 days!! Because your lips are moist most of the time, it doesn’t allow the product to stay. Warning* anyone who has dry lips, you may have an issue with flaking by the end of wear.  One application will usually stay on my lips up to 5 hours.


I believe that they are usually $12 CAD, but I got most of mine on sale for $9 CAD at shopper’s drugmart! Whoo hoo!

All in all I think that this is a wonderful product. Besides that at some points it may be drying, I think they product is something everyone should try!  Swathes below!

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MAC: My fave MSF

The Pink Power MSF from the Wonder Woman collection! It’s so good. The packaging is super cute & retro!

I love that it’s separated instead of marbled like the regular ones. This way you can choose to only use the blush/bronzer/highlight or you can swirl them all together! It’s very beautiful & very versatile. Oh, and since it’s from the Wonder Woman collection…it’s jumbo sized! So this thing will last FOREVER.

Have a fab day!

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Maybelline Mascaras

Maybelline’s two newest mascaras, The Falsies & One by One Volume Express! I’ve got both of these in Very Black & waterproof formulas.

The  Falsies has a slightly curved ‘spoon’ brush with plastic bristles. It’s wand is flexible & claims to lift & separate lashes so they look 300% fuller. I was on the fence about this for a while, but in the end, it’s not my favourite. It doesn’t live up to it’s claims, and it’s clumpy.

I just picked up One by One yesterday, but at first use, I already like it better than the Falsies. It has a ‘lash catcher’ brush that claims to declump mascara & coat each lash so it’s fuller & thicker. The bristles are really plastic-y, but they keep  lashes clump free & separate them nicely.

It’s also interesting because the Falsies gets the typical mascara glob at the tip of the wand, but One by One doesn’t get that.

I’m much happier with One by One & think it’s a pretty good drugstore mascara. These retail for around $5.49 & can be found at various locations including Wal Mart, Target & Walgreens.

Bye for now! xo


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St. Patrick’s Day Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Need a simple St Patty’s Day look for tonight?

It’s easy. Please check out my newest YT video on a green tutorial for St. Patty’s Day! Feel free to use whatever products you have at home! It you are interested. Here is a list the products I used

NYX Mysterious Palette Bright Green (lid colour) and Dark Brown (outer crease), Champaign colour (under eye)

Coastal Scents- Dark Green from Shimmer palette (Inner Crease)

Urban Decay- Black Liquid Liner

Maybelline- One By One Lash in Blackest Black



Watch my video to learn all the tips and tricks!





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MAC: Fix+Lavender

Fix+ is a staple in a lot of people’s beauty stash & it has many different uses. It retails for $19usd/3.4fl oz.
If you’re like me, for a while you wondered what the hype was all about. What is Fix+ & why does everyone love it?!

Well, according to MAC it’s a spray that contains skin-soothing minerals & vitamins that finishes makeup & adds radiance to the skin. It’s got green tea & chamomile that helps calm the skin too.

People often use Fix+ as a setting spray, or to help eliminate the look of cakey powders. It’s also great to use for foiling eye shadows!

I finally caved & bought this when a beautiful Lavender scent was released with the Cham Pale collection! MAC also released a Rose scented Fix+ plus with the A Rose Romance collection in 2009.

I really enjoy this product. It’s very refreshing & I do think it helps to keep skin moisturized throughout the day. Not only do I like to put this on after makeup, but I like to spritz some on before I go to bed. The lavender scent is very calming & relaxing.

Thanks for reading!


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